First,  we want to thank you for being a part of our dream.  Ever since we were kids, Bo and I have had a passion for exercising and the impact that training can have on improving people's lives just like it has enriched ours.  What excites us most is the opportunity we have at improving your life this year!

  We want to know what you are looking forward to this year.  What are your dreams that we can make a reality?  Your goals and dreams are important to you and therefore important to us.  Let's make sure that we are setting you up for success this year by knowing how to improve your odds. 


Why do you think resolutions have such a high rate of failure?  Resolutions fail to become actionable habits that people can stick with long enough to become a lifestyle change.  To help you get started or even if you have already started, we want to increase your chances of creating a better life for you and your love ones.  Here are the links to the other two blog posts for you to enjoy:

Your Healthiest Year and Self-Discipline and Consistency

and here is an Updated Goal Sheet for you to fill out and follow along.