images,Raleigh NC, Personal Training Athletes ask me all the time what they can do to get bigger, stronger, and faster. I tell them that they must stay consistent to their plan. To stay consistent, one must have enough self-discipline to be able to achieve their goals. What helped me out in high school, college, and indoor football is that we had mandatory training and practices that kept everyone consistent. High school you were punished with by losing your playing time, college you were punished with 5am “fun” runs, you’d lose playing time, and potentially lose your scholarship. Indoor you were fined.

 After college before I played indoor football, I was on my own for the first time. I had a few professional workouts coming up that I had to get as close to 300lbs as possible, run a good forty yard dash, and bench 225lbs for 20+ times. I knew I had to stay consistent or otherwise I could lose everything that I had been working hard for my whole life to achieve!

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In my case I set a simple plan and it looked like this:

Monday Speed work/ Upper body focus on bench reps
Tuesday Speed work/ Lower Body
Wednesday Extra shoulders bis/tris and swim(Deload the body)
Thursday Speed work/ Heavy upper/ hypertrophy
Friday Speed work/ Lower body

Some days I would do an early morning run or evening run on the treadmill.
I stayed pretty damn consistent on this program from January to May. My results spoke for themselves:
- 40 yard dash went from 5.25-5.00seconds
- Weight went from 262-275lbs, Body fat went from 20%-16%,
(It wasn't as much weight as I wanted to gain, but I don't think my frame could move with as quickly any heavier.)
- Bench Press went from 15 reps to 29 reps at 225.

Although my plan was simple, I got good results because I stayed consistent with the plan.
I don't think I missed a workout one time in that period minus spring break week, when I was still in college.

What I have learned from my experience is that even with the simplest or most complex training program, one must stay consistent to make progress. “Self-discipline” drastically increases when you stand to lose a lot, especially something you have worked so hard to build and/or care for greatly. Take for instance your sport, your business or profession, your family, YOUR HEALTH. If you knew that there was one thing that would protect your most treasured gifts, wouldn't you make sure to follow through and do it?  Well there is something and it is a balanced consistent exercise routine!
To summarize:
Have a plan
Be consistent
Have good self discipline
Enjoy the process
I take great joy and pride helping all of our athletes and clients with every single one of the steps I mentioned above because I know what it is like to face losing everything that I have worked so hard for and coming through on the other side.
Remember that a goal without a plan is only a wish.