Accidents happen. Sometimes, despite all precautions, people get hurt. Injuries can be especially disheartening for athletes; not only are they injured, they can't play their sport until their injury has healed. This is doubly true for young athletes. But what if there are ways to reduce the likelihood or severity of injuries? One possible way for beating the odds is strength training.

            Recently, a team of scientists examined whether strength training could lower the injury rate in athletes. The study focused on a group of adolescent soccer players. Of the participants, half underwent a 12 week strength training program in addition to their practices. The researchers also recorded injuries incurred by all the participants throughout the corresponding soccer season. At the end of the season, the injury rates for athletes who had undergone strength training were a third of the rates for athletes who had not. Strength training, therefore, is a good way to help prevent injuries.

            Strength training had other benefits as well; the athletes who underwent strength training also showed improved performance. In particular, the sprint times of the strength-trained athletes were lower than the sprint times of those in the control group. Strength training not only affects muscle mass, but also overall fitness. This combination of increased strength and fitness can translate into other areas, such as heightened speed. As most soccer players can attest, even small differences in speed can affect the outcome of a game.

            Here at Prime Personal and Performance Training, we do our best to prevent injuries and to help athletes reach their potential. Coach Bo May in particular is skilled at working with young athletes to increase their performance while keeping them safe. His background as a Strength Coach and athletics makes him especially suited for working with athletes, but he also has the professional knowledge to get the most out of a training session. Athletes who train with him can expect higher performance and fewer injuries.

            Many athletes focus on training regimens peculiar to their sport, but strength training is a good idea for everyone. Incorporating strength training into athletic based  workouts will not only boost performance, it will help your body withstand stresses that might otherwise result in injury. Strength training will help you achieve your athletic goals by raising your fitness, strength, and performance while also keeping you safe.



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